Our Experience is your security blanket

Licensed and bonded in New York and New Jersey, Sottile Security was founded in 1995. The company is the culmination of over twenty consecutive years in the security guard industry. Its owner and founder, Salvatore Sottile, was previously part owner of Tower Security & Services Inc. (1990 – 94) and Starr Security Services. Inc. which was established in 1974. Currently employing hundreds and hundreds of uniformed security guards, Sottile Security is committed to an elevated level of service. Clients span the business world from drug stores and other retailers to jewelry manufacturers and residential complexes, and from corporate buildings and warehouses to fast food chains and parking garages. Sottile Security also covers the entertainment industry, special events, crowd controls. Inside or out, Sottile promises a feeling of security as your protection partner.

We place great emphasis on comprehensive training at all levels so that we may provide our clients with the best-trained security officers, prepared to meet the challenges they face daily in the workplace. Our belief is, it is critical to train an individual to perform their duties, but also important to promote development through ongoing training. Our training professionals are dedicated to authoring and presenting learning experiences that meet the unique needs and interests of each trainee. To facilitate the learning of our employees, we have incorporated a variety of training technologies and methods into the design of our advanced training programs, including our Four-Star Training Program.

“Our strength are honesty, integrity and compassion.”